Bitcoin Faucet Dice: Best Bitcoin Game

Bitcoin Faucet Dice is one of the best and popular Crypto gambling games, and even this game is relatively simple. Moreover, they are one of the best customizable forms of betting you can play with cryptocurrency. This is because these best Bitcoin game sites typically allow players to set their odds, alter risk and bonus, and determine the house edge level.


Naturally, the lower house edge shall mean less reward, but several players like the chance to tailor their gambling experience and hence win more often and also consistent with these dice games. Because of its simplicity, several gambling players have come to regards Bitcoin dice. And some dice games as one of their sources of income.

Best games to earn cryptocurrency

Did you understand that you can make cryptocurrency playing Bitcoin games and withdraw them to your wallet? Though it looks like it is unbelievable, these current games are created not only for entertainment but also for making money. It is known that not everybody knows about the possibility of earning cryptocurrency, not only mining or buying it but also playing funny and exciting games.

Here are some of the best bitcoin games that you can play and enjoy huge profits.


BitStarz is an online casino where players can find over 600 exciting games to meet all expectations. The game selection is very diverse, from simple casino-like games such as slot machines or poker to brightly colored and colorful video games. The main advantage of this casino is the ability to win cryptocurrency without investing. It is enough to register on the platform and receive 20 free spins as a bonus. The wagering requirements are shallow, so it doesn’t take much effort to complete. The casino always offers players various bonuses and promotions, while payments are almost instantaneous (the first payment requires verification), and their minimum amount is 0.005 BTC.

Run Bitcoin Alien. Tycoon Game

Bitcoin Tycoon is a mining simulation game where any gamer can start digging for coins and expanding their crypto business to build their BitCoin empire. The hero can be chosen at the beginning of the game. After that, each hero has his own story that led him to mine cryptocurrencies. During the game, the hero can choose the appropriate devices, communicate with eight other people, and solve professional and family problems.

The game is being developed by 99 Game Studio and will be released in September 2018. It can only be played on the PC if it has been purchased. Additionally, the game can only be played in English or Chinese.

Quiz BTC

Competitions have always attracted gamers who are gamers by nature, and Quiz BTC is a game designed with those gamers in mind. This game rewards BitCoin to players who answer questions correctly. New questions are added every minute, so there are many ways to get a reward. The player receives ten lives in one hour, and each wrong answer leads to a reduction in the number of lives.


CoinBrawl is a unique role-playing game that will appeal to players who love to fight. The game’s primary goal is to level up the hero well to fight with others, win them, and take satoshi. The hero can be upgraded by taking part in battles frequently or buying special items in the game tip.

Bitcoin faucet dice

Some BTC Dice sites offer a small amount of BTC to the players, like the faucet could leak a little water in playing BTC dice games without risking their money. Free BTC or even other crypto coins can either be kept up or even bet on the Bitcoin dice games to play up the crypto holdings.


Free Bitcoin Roulette

Playing online roulette is already answered player for avid bettors, but it’s a different story when Bitcoin rocked the online gambling scene. Bitcoin made casino gamblers see the modern game of roulette in marvelous and new light. The best part about this Free bitcoin roulette is that you can experience playing it even without depositing any amount.

Some gambling sites which feature the all-time favorite game are reputed enough to offer play money that can be utilized to experience what it’s like to play bitcoin roulette. This game is called by much fun play, others free play, and many other names used by websites. This implies that you can place your inside bets and outside bets until the free credits are given run out, giving you an excellent chance to taste Bitcoin casino betting, except the winning can’t be cashed out.

Looking for Free bitcoin roulette should not be a huge burden at all because doing quick research online yields many online casinos and gambling websites that can give exactly what you need. For example, feel free to check out the platform below.


RollerCoin is an online mining simulator that makes it possible to earn BitCoin and compete with other players for crypto pools. There are no complicated algorithms as you mine Bitcoin by testing your skills, completing quests, completing quests, and playing six games. To start playing, you need to register on the platform and customize your chosen character. The game offers a block every 10 minutes that all players share, depending on their mining power. In addition, players can build their mining facility, increase their hash power, use the referral program, and participate in special events to win prizes. Payments are made directly to the BitCoin wallet with at least 10,000 Satoshis.

Feb bit

Feb bit is a BitCoin mining game that offers paid crypto rewards to the FaucetHub wallet. The main objective of the game is to collect blocks that have not been mined. Players receive chips for each level they complete. The chips have six levels of difficulty and can be of 4 types that affect the speed and time of dismantling. The player can receive 15 satoshis every hour and receive rewards that exceed all ten levels. To start mining, it is necessary to open the game page and subscribe.

The project started in early 2018 but has already won thousands of players. The game has a referral program that guarantees a price of 20%. In addition, there is mobile optimization for both smartphones and tablets. The minimum payout is 1,000 satoshis.

Bitcoin Miner: Clicker Game

As another mining simulator, this game will help you understand the basics of mining. The game offers miners the opportunity to buy graphics cards, assemble platforms for mining cryptocurrencies, and then sell them or invest in business development. Mining rigs can be upgraded to level 800 to keep increasing your profits. At the beginning of the game, clicking can be tedious because of the large number. But they will work for you to make regular profits when you buy managers.

Spark Profit

Spark Profit is a financial simulation game that helps you trade successfully in the market. The goal of every player is to make predictions about the value of the coin. These are the cryptocurrency and fiat money markets like Forex. The more precisely you foretell the result of the trade, the more you can unlock. Later those points may be exchanged for BTC.

Bitcoin video casino

This casino promises nothing but classic fun to severe players. You will get the best and classic vibe through a site that shall remind you of the interface of an old video game. Additionally, this casino doesn’t need you to register just for you to play; it allows new players to play without registering. Once you enter the website, you shall automatically get an account. Like many online casinos available on the internet, this Bitcoin video casino doesn’t have country restrictions.


Free Bitcoin Blackjack

Getting an opportunity to play blackjack greed is now allowed to every player also. Getting Free bitcoin blackjack is also possible. Bitcoin Faucet sites give out BTC as a form of bonuses. The players can get BTC blackjack for free by winning rounds in the blackjack game. Blackjack is one of the best games to enjoy playing and also can help you some good amount of money. Note it is not good to risk so much even if you are playing Free bitcoin blackjack to avoid spending so much once the free BTC runs out.

Bitcoin skill games

There are many skills-based games in Bitcoin nowadays. The more you explore and begin to know how a unique Bitcoin game system operates, the more you start learning the level of skill involved in making a good profit. Suppose you are searching for Bitcoin games of skill that shall challenge you time and time. Playing these Bitcoin skill games is always good to play safe and create a stop loss on all our bets to be assured you do not lose your whole balance.


The above information will help you understand the best bitcoin game better. And also it will help you make the right decision when it comes to Bitcoin games. Select the best site to play your Bitcoin game and make a considerable amount of profits. Also, it is good to know and understand when you are given a free BTC and how to use it well and benefits you.

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