Best Crypto Friendly Banks

A reliable bank that supports cryptocurrencies will enable you to use both regular money and crypto services together in one place. In our article, we are going to present the top 8 best crypto friendly banks for customers. 

We will focus on banks that serve regular people for their daily needs as well as those banks that mainly support big investors and companies.

We assured that banks friendly to cryptocurrency in both Europe and the USA are included, so many different users can benefit.

Best Cryptocurrency Banks

Here are some of the best cryptocurrency banks known for their support and innovation. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you could read about the Top crypto influencers and know more news about them.


Ally operates as a bank holding company in the United States, providing various banking services including accounts for spending and saving, along with investment options. Additionally, they supply car insurance services, home loan mortgages and other related offerings. 

Ally first started as GMAC, which means General Motors Acceptance Corporation, back in the year 1919. Then in 2009, they changed their name to Ally Bank.

Ally, despite not having a service for customers to invest straight into cryptocurrency from the bank, is on our top crypto-friendly banks list. This is because clients at Ally can put money into different items that give them access to cryptocurrencies. 

With Ally Invest platform, people are able to place their investments in funds connected with crypto like Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and also in futures of cryptos such as ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF.


If you use Ally bank, then you must send money to a platform such as Coinbase for purchasing and selling digital currencies instantly. But, it is possible too to access crypto markets by using different investment offerings from the bank.

Key takeaways.

  • Provides different venues for gaining exposure to crypto via the Ally Invest platform
  • Enables investors to put their money into cryptocurrency funds holding crypto assets, like the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.
  • Offering includes investing in funds that track crypto futures (e.g., ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF)
  • Customers can put their money into public companies that have a big role in cryptocurrency, such as Coinbase and PayPal.

Revolut – One of the Best Crypto Friendly Banks

Revolut is a new kind of bank and financial technology firm based in London with a license from the Bank of Lithuania. They have a mobile application that gives various services for managing money, making payments, and investing.

Revolut provides an option for investing in cryptocurrency. Users of Revolut are able to purchase and sell a variety of over 130 crypto assets, plus they have the opportunity to acquire additional crypto by studying cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Revolut’s cryptocurrency service includes “collections” of crypto, which are groups of various tokens from sectors like DeFi or blockchain gaming.

Moreover, people with a Revolut Card have the option to use their cryptocurrency balance for regular shopping. Essentially, this allows Revolut to function as a crypto card – something that is quite favored by those who invest in cryptocurrencies.

Overall, it is possible to state that Revolut ranks among the top European banks that are favorable towards cryptocurrencies.

Key takeaways.

  • Supports over 130 coins and tokens
  • Cryptocurrencies are organized by different categories, including DeFi, gaming, Layer 1, etc.
  • Crypto assets can be transferred between Revolut and external wallets
  • The charge for swapping begins at 1.49% if you use the free account, but it goes down to 0.49% for those with the Ultra plan.


N26 is a neobank from Germany, started in the year 2013. People bank with it using a mobile application and get either an online card or one they can hold to buy things conveniently. The platform has helpful functions like sub-accounts, making it simple for users to store their money for particular financial targets.

N26 provides a standard option without any monthly fees, and they also have premium plans that cost from 4.9 to 16.9 euros each month.

Through a partnership with the Bitpanda cryptocurrency service, people who bank with N26 in some countries—like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal and Ireland—have the ability to purchase and trade over 200 types of cryptocurrencies straight from their N26 application.

N26 Crypto function turns N26 into a very friendly bank for cryptocurrency, but you can only use N26 in Europe. For people who are interested in crypto and stay in one of the countries where it works, thinking about using N26 for banking is a good idea.

Key takeaways.

  • Integrated with Bitpanda, an Austrian-based trading firm
  • Supports 12 cryptocurrencies in total, including BTC, ETH, and SOL
  • Limited to users from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Portugal
  • 1.5% fee for BTC purchases above €5,000, 2.5% fee for other coins


Quontic is an online crypto friendly bank in the USA, and it offers services for saving accounts, checking accounts, and certificates of deposit.

We choose to highlight Quontic because it is a crypto supportive bank. It offers a Bitcoin rewards checking account that gives 1.50% back in Bitcoin when you use their debit card for qualifying buys. 


But, people with Quontic accounts cannot purchase extra Bitcoin from the bank, and there’s also a fee of 2% if they want to change their Bitcoin rewards into regular money. This product is offered through an integration with Bitcoin firm NYDIG.

It is worth noting that in 2021, Quontic was the first bank to open a virtual branch inside the metaverse known as Decentraland.

Key takeaways.

  • 1.5% BTC rewards on eligible purchases with a debit card
  • Partnered with NYDIG, a leading crypto company with a comprehensive portfolio of financial services
  • Named one of the best online banks of 2024 by Forbes

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs, a very big bank for investment with more than $2.8 trillion assets they manage. You might think this size of financial company not work with cryptocurrency, but it is interesting to find out that they do.

The bank gives its customers the chance to invest in products that are related to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But, only clients with more money can use these investment options from Goldman Sachs because there is a large minimum amount required for investing. 

Crypto support and many different investment choices are a few reasons why people see GS as a top private bank.

Goldman Sachs operates a desk for trading crypto, engaging in transactions with derivatives linked to cryptocurrencies including options and futures. Additionally, the bank holds investments in over twelve companies involved with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Key takeaways.

  • Crypto features are offered only to wealthier clients
  • Has a dedicated trading desk that deals with crypto derivative products
  • Open to investing in blockchain-focused companies
  • Serves as an authorized participant for spot Bitcoin ETFs


BankProv, which belongs to Provident Bankcorp, is a bank located in the United States that serves companies dealing with cryptocurrency. 

This bank is creating connections between usual markets and those of cryptocurrencies because it stands as one of the not many banks that have publicly welcomed clients who work within the industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It is one of the crypto friendly banks in usa

The bank ensures strong protection because every US dollar deposit is covered by two agencies, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Depositors Insurance Fund.

BankProv has made partnerships with various companies in the cryptocurrency field, such as Etana Custody, Fortress, and Treasury Prime. 

Even though this bank focuses more on business clients instead of personal account holders, we think it’s important to mention that it is among the top banks open to crypto transactions in America.

Key takeaways.

  • Partnered with several crypto companies, including Treasury Prime and Etana Custody
  • Focused primarily on business clients
  • The FDIC covers the account up to $250,000 and any additional money in the account is protected by the Depositors Insurance Fund.
  • Utilizes Crystal’s transaction monitoring system for insight into blockchain activity


Almina, once known as SEBA Bank, is a bank in Switzerland that caters to people who invest in cryptocurrencies. Its clients can have accounts for regular money and also wallets for about 15 various digital currencies.

The bank offers services to keep cryptocurrency safe for its customers, using advanced methods of security. AMINA also gives a service where you can do staking for different cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Polkadot and Tezos in one place.

We considered it significant to include Almina in our article because it is among the rare banks that serve those who invest in cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, remember that their services are not designed for a regular customer. 


The bank states that it creates its services for people who invest as a job, offices that manage family finances, other banks, companies managing assets and businesses working with blockchain in Switzerland.

Key takeaways.

  • A Swiss bank with a set of crypto-focused investment features
  • Offering tailored for affluent clients
  • Provides hot and cold wallet custody solutions
  • Supports spot and derivative crypto trading

Xapo Bank – One of the Crypto Friendly Banks

Xapo Bank is a private bank that likes cryptocurrencies and follows rules in Gibraltar. It gives you an account for Bitcoin and another one for US dollars. 

Customers also get the advantage of having a personal account manager to assist them in fully utilizing the services offered by the bank. Being a private bank, Xapo Bank primarily serves people with significant wealth.

Xapo Bank is a very intriguing choice for people who have Bitcoin because it gives interest on the deposits of BTC and also uses the Lightning Network which makes Bitcoin transactions happen really quickly and with good efficiency.

The platform has strong connections with the USDC stablecoin, and Xapo users can transfer and get USDC without problems using their accounts in US dollars. Users have the opportunity to gain interest on what they hold, receiving the payment for this interest in Bitcoin.

Xapo has another part, called a VASP (virtual asset service provider), that gives very good services for keeping Bitcoin safe. The services from Xapo pay much attention to certain customers, and if you are the kind of customer they look for, it is definitely a good choice to think about.

Key takeaways.

  • Supports different BTC storage options (Vault, Savings, Account)
  • Daily payouts for BTC stored in the savings account
  • BTC can be managed alongside the USD balance in the Xapo Bank app
  • Robust integration with USDC

Conclusion of Best Crypto Friendly Banks

As someone who invests in cryptocurrency on a regular basis and resides in Europe, N26 and Revolut are probably the most accommodating crypto banks for your needs.

It is quite notable that banks in Europe which support cryptocurrency provide much more advanced features for it than the banks in America. When you are in America, your choices for a bank friendly to crypto include Ally and Quontic; however, they only give you access to some basic services related to cryptocurrency.

Certainly, the selection of a bank that supports cryptocurrency transactions will vary based on the type of investor you represent. Those with substantial wealth can access a wider range of choices than those with less financial resources.

F.A.Q – Best Crypto Friendly Banks

What banks are crypto friendly❓

Ally Bank, Revolut, N26, Quontic, Xapo Bank, Amina, BankProv, Goldman Sachs.

Do all banks accept cryptocurrency❓


Can banks track crypto❓

Yes, Your bank can detect if you’re engaging in transactions with cryptocurrency-related entities using your account.

Which are crypto friendly banks in USA❓

Notable crypto-friendly banks in the USA include Silvergate Bank, Signature Bank, Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Revolut, Simple Bank, Ally Bank, Kraken Bank, Avanti Bank & Trust, and Anchorage Digital Bank.

Popular crypto-friendly banks in Europe include Revolut, N26, Fidor Bank, Bankera, Bitwala (now Nuri), SEBA Bank, and Swissquote

Is crypto bank safe❓

Crypto banks can be safe if they follow regulations, implement strong security, and operate transparently.

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