Top Online Crypto Games

In this article, we overview top online crypto games, focusing on popular titles like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland. Together we learn about the gameplay, how these games incorporate elements of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and the concept of owning digital assets. 

Best Crypto Games

Here some best and most popular crypto games you can play online:

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular online crypto games where players get into collecting, breeding, and fighting with fantasy creatures called Axies. These creatures are special because they’re NFTs, which means players truly own them. 

The game is a big hit, with over 300,000 players every month, and it’s loved by casual gamers and the more dedicated ones.


Here’s what makes Axie Infinity unique:

  • You own the things you earn or buy in the game.
  • There’s a special coin called AXS that lets you have a say in the game’s big decisions.
  • You can earn another type of coin called SLP by playing, and then trade it for different cryptocurrencies.

This crypto online game is like a mix of fun and a little taste of the real cryptocurrency market, thanks to its two different types of tokens. 

The Sandbox – One of the Crypto Games Online

The Sandbox is a online cryptocurrency game where users can make, own, and earn from their own games and worlds. It’s a crypto game that builds a huge online community. Players use SAND tokens to build and play, and they can also make unique items in the game. 

Here’s what it offers:

  • A place to create and play in your digital worlds.
  • SAND tokens are used as the main money in the game.
  • It gives players tools to make their own game items and experiences.

This game is all about creativity and working together. As a player, you get to enjoy the game and also add to it with your creations. 


Decentraland is a virtual world you can access through your web browser. It’s special because it lets you own pieces of digital land, build on them, and check out what others have made. It’s one of the first places to mix online property with blockchain, the tech behind cryptocurrencies. 

The currency used here is called MANA. You use it to buy land and other stuff in Decentraland. People can do lots of fun things in this world, and they can even work together to create and manage whole areas of it. 

Here’s what makes Decentraland special:

  • MANA is the money used for all sorts of deals in Decentraland.
  • There’s a ton of different things to do and play with.
  • It lets people come together to make and run their own virtual neighborhoods.

These features are a big deal because they show how gaming and blockchain tech can unite. They keep players interested and always bring in new folks who want to see what the buzz is about. 

Why Are Crypto Online Games Unique?

Crypto games are a fun new trend that mixes classic game fun with themes from cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

They’re not only a great way to have a good time but also a chance to learn more about how cryptocurrencies work. 

Strategic Planning with Blockchain

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are changing the way we play games. Now, it’s not just about luck; you need to be smart and really get how blockchain works. 

Take Shrapnel, a new shooter game that uses blockchain, or Heroes of Mavia, a strategy battle game you can play on your phone. In these games, you have to make smart choices just like you would with real-life cryptocurrency investments. 

NFTs and In-Game Currencies

With the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens and unique in-game money, owning things in video games is more exciting than ever. In games like Gods Unchained and The Sandbox, players can gather and swap NFTs, which makes the game feel more exclusive and valuable. 

These digital items give players a feeling of true ownership and help build an economy beyond just playing the game. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Integration

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) games like 5th Scape are taking gaming to exciting new places. They mix the real world with game worlds, making play more immersive. These games also show players how they can use cryptocurrency while they explore these virtual spaces. 

Multiplayer and Community-Centric

Gaming has always been about bringing people together. This is especially true in games that use cryptocurrency. These games often focus on letting players work together, chat, trade items, and play against each other in a shared online world. This creates an exciting and social way to play games. 

Education for Blockchain Beginners

Learning about blockchain can be easy and fun with the help of crypto-themed games. These games, like Insanity Bets, teach you about transaction fees and rewards in a simple and enjoyable way. You don’t have to dig into tough technical details to understand how it all works. 

Play-to-Earn Mechanics and Virtual Assets

Play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity are changing the way we think about gaming. Now, players can make money while playing. These games let you earn real value from virtual items. It’s not just about having fun anymore; your skills can earn you real rewards.

For example, Sponge V2 (SPONGEV2) is more than just an exciting race game. It also lets players make money by “staking” their game earnings, which can grow like a bank account over time. This new way of gaming is making it more exciting and rewarding for everyone. 


Bonuses and Promotions

Online crypto games offer a wide range of exciting bonuses and special deals. These games often include extra perks like rewards for holding onto your game tokens or even a share of the game’s profits. 

Staking Rewards and APY

In some board games that use cryptocurrency, players can put their game tokens into the game for a while. This helps the game run better, and as a thank you, players get extra rewards. 

For example, there’s a racing game called Sponge V2 where you can earn money by playing. This game gives a high reward of 193% just for putting your tokens into the game. This big reward makes players want to play more and helps build a strong group of fans. 

Token Holder Benefits

Holding special tokens from a game like 5th Scape (5SCAPE) can give you some cool perks, including unlimited access to its virtual reality content. 

This is a great way to reward players for sticking around and helps keep the game’s economy stable by encouraging them to hold onto their tokens for a long time. 

Profit-Sharing in Crypto Casino Games

Crypto casino games like Hypeloot offer a unique experience for those who love a bit of adventure. They combine the excitement of gambling with the cutting-edge world of cryptocurrency. 

What’s more, some of these games let players earn a share of the profits, making them part-time owners of the game’s success. This way, both the people creating the games and those playing them have a common goal – to make the game as successful as possible. 

Yield Earning Options

Games like Insanity Bets ($IBET) offer players a chance to earn money by keeping the game’s token. Every time there’s a transaction, a part of the fee goes into a community pool. This means players keep getting rewards just for being part of the game. It encourages teamwork and helps keep the game’s economy going strong. 

New and Upcoming Releases

Crypto games are always changing, bringing new ideas and play methods. If you love these games, you’ll want to keep up with the newest ones. 

Latest Play-to-Earn Projects

The play-to-earn model has changed the way we think about gaming by letting players earn rewards for playing games. Some new games are getting people excited:

  • Sponge V2 is a new racing game that lets you earn money by playing. Investing in the game’s currency can also make a good amount of interest (193% APY). It’s been popular with gamers who are into cryptocurrencies since it came out in December 2023.
  • 5th Scape combines virtual and augmented reality to create a cool gaming experience. Owning tokens allows you to play in their virtual world forever. They’re trying to raise money to improve their game.
  • People who like to invest in games before they become popular are really into crypto gaming presales. Hypeloot is making casino games more fun by using AI, and it shares its profits with the players through its currency, HPLT. 

AAA Titles

AAA games are famous for their graphics, engaging stories, and big budgets. Now, blockchain technology is mixing things up by bringing together the best of traditional games with new, decentralized systems.

There’s a game called Shrapnel that’s getting a lot of buzz. It’s a high-quality shooter game where players can actually own and trade parts of the game using the Avalanche blockchain. Players will use a special in-game currency called SHRAP to trade.

Another game, Star Atlas, is also making waves. It’s a huge multiplayer game set in space where players can explore, gather resources, and trade using the Solana blockchain. It’s showing us just how cool and advanced blockchain games can get. 

Mobile Gaming in Crypto

The new strategy game Heroes of Mavia, came out on January 31, 2024, for phones and tablets. Players can create bases, fight others, and make Ruby, the game’s own digital money. 

Some easy games allow players to earn a little crypto just by playing. These games are great for casual gamers and help more people learn about crypto and blockchain in a fun way. 

Understanding Crypto Trading through Games

Crypto trading can seem scary, but it’s easier to learn when it’s part of a game. Crypto board games make the tough parts of trading simple by turning them into fun activities. 

When you play these games, you get to buy and sell fake assets, take care of a pretend investment portfolio, and see how changes in the game’s market can affect your success. It’s like practicing trading without any real risk. 

Here’s what you can learn from these games:

  • Risk Management. You’ll figure out how to make smart choices when the game’s market goes up or down.
  • Portfolio Diversification. The game shows you why it’s important to diversify your investments so you don’t focus on one thing.
  • Market Analysis. You’ll see how events in the game can change asset prices, just like in the real crypto market. 

Are Crypto Games Safe?

Mixing gaming with digital money presents special legal issues and keeping players safe. When we look at the variety of crypto board games available, it’s clear we need rules that ensure the games are fun and legal. 

Legality of Crypto Gaming

The rules for crypto gaming are important because they tell game makers what’s allowed in different places. Since crypto games are pretty new, the rules can be complicated. 

Game makers have to understand and follow these rules:

  • Crypto games need to follow rules about money, like the ones that stop money laundering and the ones that require checking who the players are.
  • Since each country feels differently about cryptocurrencies, this affects how games are advertised and who can play them.
  • Games need to make sure they’re not seen as gambling unless they have the right license for it.
  • They also need to look out for players who invest in virtual items, to keep them safe. 

Secure Transactions and Fair Play

Crypto games have different ways to make sure everything in the game is fair and that your money is safe. Here’s how they do it: 

  • Smart Contracts. Automate transactions and set rules that work independently, which cuts down on cheating. Make it clear how rewards are shared and how the game works. 
  • Encryption and Data Security. Protect users’ sensitive information and wallet details. Use secure and audited code to prevent hacking and exploitation.

Transparency in Blockchain Games

Blockchain technology is popular because it’s a secure and open way for people to see and trust what’s happening:

  • Open-Source Code. When a project’s code is shared publicly, everyone can check it and feel more confident about it.
  • Fair Play. Knowing how a game works and how its digital money operates makes things fair for everyone.
  • Decentralized Governance. Players get to have a say in how the game is run, and the way decisions are made helps both the creators and the players stay on the same page.
  • In-built Provenance. Every trade or move is recorded on the blockchain, so you can be sure about who owns what and that your digital items are truly yours. This helps prevent cheating and makes the game more trustworthy. 

Online Crypto Games Conclusion

We learned that online crypto games are fun games where you can play and learn about digital money like cryptocurrencies and blockchain. You can do things like collect creatures, build places, or trade items that are yours in the game, similar to real-life trading. These games help you understand how digital money works while you enjoy playing.

FAQ Crypto Games Online

What are online crypto games❓

Online crypto games are games where you can play and learn about digital currencies and blockchain.

Can you really own items in crypto games❓

✅ Yes, in these games, you can own digital items, often as NFTs, which means they’re yours in the game world.

What can you do in crypto games❓

You can collect items, build things, trade, and even earn digital currencies by playing.

Do these games teach you about real cryptocurrency❓

Yes, they help you understand how cryptocurrencies and blockchain work in a fun and interactive way.

Are these games only for people who know about crypto❓

No, anyone can play these games, whether they know about cryptocurrency or not. They’re a fun way to learn.

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