Chain games crypto

Chain games crypto is a blockchain gamin that combines smart contracts contests with ultra-modern game play. Chain games crypto are transitioning the blockchain gaming industry into a state of the art platform where players can compete in competitive tournaments and win crypto prizes and real cash.


Binamon crypto

Binamon crypto is a NFT and blockchain gaming platform that allows users to collect digital monsters and have fun using them in battle royals. Unlike collectables card games applied in Ethereum blockchain, Binamon utilize the Binance smart chain which as multiple unique gaming modes, from battle rounds and multiple players to collecting Binamon. Additionally, players that caste third NFT Binamon to earn lucrative returns. If you have ever wanted to game on blockchain technology, you won’t regret it when you choose Binamon. It has made gaming on blockchain easier and more enjoyable.

NFT Binamons are digital monster and they come in different characters including element, Attack and hompower. Each Binamon character has its own unique powers and resilience meaning that each of the character you choose will give you a unique experience. More so, the characteristics of each digital monster determine their market value.

Binamon uses the Al graphics technology that delivers incredible gaming experience similar to choose in last of US 2, Fortnite, Street fighter V, Call of duty black Oops 3 and Final fantasy VII. Binamon crypto also has a mobile app that give gamer a digital wallet to hold their BMON tokens. This wallet provides a P2P marketplace which is stabile for investors who prefer to trade their tokens across the metaverse. The mobile app can also be used to monitor the number of token you have and tracking all your transactions.

Game chain crypto

Game chain crypto is the primary medium of exchange used for contest payout and entry fee on chain make network. At the time of writing, game chain crypto is ranked 2692 in the coin market cap and experienced a hefty surged in the last couple of months. Game chain crypto has been listed on multiple crypto exchanges and like other cryptocurrencies, chain crypto cannot be purchased directly with fiats money.

game-chain crypto

Step by step process on how to buy game chain crypto

• Register on coinbase

The first processes to buying a game chain crypto is by registering on coin base. This means that you have to first purchase one of the main crypto currencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Coinbase is highly recommended because it is one of the largest crypto exchanges that accepts fiat deposits.

The sign up process is simple. All you need to do is visit the official website then type your email than click the get started button. Make sure you provide your real email and names because they will be needed when verifying your account. Also choose a strong password for your account to make it difficult for hacker to access it. Upon successful registration you will receive a conformation email. Click the email then click the link. Follow all the steps provided till the end.

• Buy coins with fiat money

The next process is buying coins with fiat money. Here you can either use bank transfer or credit/ debit card to make payment. Both options have their own advantages. For instance, if you your credit or debit card but it allows instant payment. On the other hand, bank transfer is cheaper but slower depending on the country that you reside. Some European countries offer instant cash deposit at a lower when transacting though bank transfers while other are very slow. Once you are done click the trade button that select the coin that you want to purchase then confirm your transaction. And just like that, you will have made your first crypto exchange.

• Transfer your crypto to altcoins exchange

Because game chain crypto is an altcoins, you need to transfer you coin to an exchange that can be traded. In our case, we will use Probit, a popular exchange be used to trade altcoins. Sign up to Probit. Don’t forget to do a two-step verification to secure your account


• Deposit Bitcoin to exchange

This process is also straightforward and will take you less than 10 minutes to complete. When you are done with the process, you will have full access to your exchange wallet.

Chain games crypto price

Now that we have known more about Game chain crypto and how to register, the next important thing that you would like to know is Chain games crypto price. The current price of chain game is $0.22931 with 24 hour standing volume. The chain token is the main medium of exchange used for all entry fees. You want to game or chain game crypto.

Is Chain games crypto worth investing?

If you are thinking of venturing to chain game crypto then question that you are probably asking yourself right now is whether it is worth investing or not. The answer to this question is YES, Chain games crypto is worth investing. It is profitable. According to a data released by multiple credible sources Chain games crypto value is set to double by 2023. The stability of Chain games crypto is a great reason that make Chain games crypto a great investment. Since its launch, its value has been increasing steadily. This is a clear indication that this platform is growing and will become even bigger in the future. If you are looking for a crypto currency to invest, then we recommend that you choose Chain games crypto.


Chain games crypto and Binamon crypto have completely revolutionized the gaming industry. They have not only made things the gaming easier and more enjoyable but they are also secure. They also allow gamers to earn decent and consistent money from their skill. Their stability also means that you don’t have to worry that you will wake up one day and found that you have lost your hard earned investment. They are credible and super stable, making them a worthwhile investment for people who want a stable and consistent income.

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