Jon Jacobs – Neverdie Master

Jon Jacobs is a British entrepreneur, writer, actor, producer, director, and most importantly, a developer of the avatar Neverdie from the pragmatic world Entropia world. Reuters describes him as a celebrity, legendary adventurer, and a fabulously prosperous businessperson in the cosmos of Entropia. An excellent example of a film contributing much to Jacobs’ popularity is “ the girl with Hungry eyes, charlotte sometimes, revolution, Lucinda’s spell Hey DJ. The associated press regards NEVERDIIE as an internet icon. Most people know Jacobs as a film actor, producer, and director.


Jon Jacobs Bio

Jon Jacob was born on September 10, 1966, in Derbyshire, England. Jacobs mortgaged his residence in 2005 and bought an implicit asteroid for a hundred thousand dollars. At that time, the virtual steroid was the most precious thing in the market. Fortunately, on the following day, he got a chance to exchange the steroid at two hundred thousand dollars but turned down the offer. He gave the steroids the name by club Neverdie which he took from the previous owner’s name.

Later on, in 2010, Jacobs sold the asteroid area retreat to different Entropia global participants for a cumulative amount of six hundred and thirty-five thousand US dollars. His avatar continually arrived in the development channel documentaries Gamer Age, and I video game. The avatar also emerged in the canal documentary. Also, Jacobs did a video conference with ABC News, which was named a picture of the avatar. According to the Los Angeles Times, Jon’s avatar is the universe’s first superstar.

Guinnes World Records

His NERVERDE won the chance of being incorporated in the 2008 Guinness chapter of recordings. The 2010 Guinness global records gamers’ edition for owning the most expensive commodity ever; the asteroid expanse surrogate named club NEVERDIE. The club also hosts the massively multiplayer internet universe championship. Also, this item has appeared on the sixty minutes and various other global and united states federal communications and announcements.

Apart from club NERVERDIE, Jon owns additional space at the Entropia world’s calypso planet, which is the most notable bank at port Atlantis costing ninety thousand US dollars. Jocobs late father’s estate tried to sue Bloomsbury inc. and J. rowling for plagiarizing Adrian’s book known as Willy, the Porter series’s wizard. However, they failed to pay for security costs, which led to the court’s case dismal. In 2008, Jacobs came up with NERVIDE studios to develop a virtual world driven by the Entropia Platform internet. Moreover, some of the studios that produced from NEVRDIE studios are next island and Rocktropia.

Jon Jacobs – Neverdie crypto creator

First of all, in 2011, the studies began working with global pictures and started with “ hunt the thing,” a film which got its inspiration from john carpenters 1982 version. In 2015, NERVERDIE launched a new online King Kong trilogy together with universal Entropia Platform internet partnerships and universal licensing. The trilogy’s initial heading, named the zombie king, features the # King Kong is back from the dead.

Secondly, in 2016 April, Jon disclosed his plan to create millions in virtual reality on virtual reality by 2030 by privatizing teleportation, the central transport system in the entire Entropia universe. Jacob took the role of Walt wars how in the psychological thriller. Also, he won the award for outstanding performance at the method fest independent film festival. Moreover, he claimed to be a democratic capitalist and promised to create several jobs in virtual reality. Jacobs became the first president of virtual reality on March 27th.

Some interesting information about Jacob

Jacob went to school at the Philippine stage and Sylvia young ‘s theater in 1977 and 1981. Jon got his British equity membership after Alan Clarke had cast him. Also, he made his first stage debut in 1986 at the young VIC theatre on Jacob has done several crazy things, including being the first president of virtual reality. As an actor, Jon has acted in dozens of exciting and fascinating films. He uses maddening, distinctive, and stylish approaches in his art; Jon has garnered several awards and recognitions for his distinct, varied, unique, and super imaginative works. Generally, his career as an artist ad a developer is worth discovering.

Finally, Jon Jacobs, a British born actor, developer, and avatar creator is such a fantastic personality the world has ever had. He is multi-talented and committed to creating millions of job opportunities from his creativity.

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