Bitcoin Video Casino: Crypto Jackpot

Cryptocurrencies are tremendously becoming more mainstream every day. Casino sites are no exception to the rule. The emergence of casinos aimed at exclusive bitcoin users has created an entirely new class of online venues to explore. The bonus range is essentially the same as those available in mainstream casinos. A popular name in the Bitcoin betting industry, Bitcoin Video Casino has provided its quality cryptocurrency gambling service to the Bitcoin community since 2012. So far, the platform has paid out thousands of Bitcoins in winnings. Crypto Jackpot has also been trending recently. Here is a complete review of Bitcoin Video Casino: Crypto Jackpot.


Bitcoin Video Casino

Bitcoin video casino refers to an online gambling casino that uses the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, established in 2012. It has been proven fair and provides anonymous play without signing up. It has a house of only 0.5% and has various famous games inspired by the classic Video Poker machines in Las Vegas.

The platform has a reputation for offering the best odds in the industry, with an expected return rate of a minimum of 99.5%. This means that the house edge is 0.5% or less based on which game is played. Also, the previous Bitcoin video casino platform has been as high as 765.65 BTCs for as low as a 0.2 BTC bet in May 2014. Other high payouts have been included in the platform’s ‘Big Wins’ section.

Games on Bitcoin Video Casino

Players on the Bitcoin Video Casino can select from various games. Including Roulette, Video Poker, Slots, Dice, Blackjack, Craps, Keno. More information here. Other variant games include Wild deuces, jacks or better, double bonus, bonus poker, and bonus deluxe. The platform designs its game offerings similar to the classic Video Poker machines in Las Vegas for a unique gaming experience. It also enables players to keep anonymous when placing their bets as you don’t need to register on a Bitcoin video casino. It does not track nor log I.P. addresses, and there is no need to register an account because accounts are created automatically on visiting. To return to your account, use a unique URL available by clicking the account tab in the leaderboards. Please don’t disclose your account details to anyone, or they will be able to access your credit balance.


All the deposits and payouts are instant, and all the available games are provably fair. This means you can start to play in a few seconds as the platform doesn’t wait for any confirmations before they fund your account. Immediately after your deposit is perceived, you will receive credit in your account. One can credit funds into their account using any of the Bitcoin wallets.


The bottom screen of the official website has a horizontal black bar with an address to deposit your bitcoins. You will send Bitcoins to this address, which will credit your account in a few seconds. If you move your mouse cursor over the address, you will get a Q.R. code that you can scan via your mobile Bitcoin wallet. If browsing the website on a mobile phone, you need to click on the Bitcoin address. This address will direct you to your linked Bitcoin wallet app.


You click the Cash Out button to withdraw and fill out the destination address and amount. When you click withdraw, it will send the transaction to your Bitcoin network in some seconds. However, your previous deposits must have at least two confirmations to withdraw the funds, usually taking around ten to twenty minutes. This helps in preventing malevolent users from conducting fraudulent transactions.

Referral Program

If you want to earn extra bitcoins by referring your friends to the program, this cryptocurrency gambling platform offers an attractive referral program. Also, the Bitcoin Video Casino referral program can earn you up to 25% house edge as income for yourself. The referred followers will follow a unique link to your site. And then any future games that the individual plays will credit your credit.

Crypto Jackpot

Crypto Jackpot is the first decentralized global draw that does not expire. The platform aims at building several revenue streams. Streams will promote jackpot pools and venture utility hence organically growing your token value. Also, Crypto Jackpot will be holding draws weekly, and the jackpots will increase as the volume increases. The jackpot has a high win percentage, with 35% of 100 players winning in each game and the top three winning big.


Crypto jackpot tokenomics that have never been seen before will change the way individuals perceive cryptocurrency. Also, your wallet address will be the ticket number that enables you to get into the jackpot several times by having the minimum needed amount in your wallet.

To be included in the jackpot draws, your crypto wallets must hold a minimum of $25 of Crypto Jackpot during the draw. This is a ticket with no expiry. As long as you have a $25 token, you will be included in 90% of all the jackpot draws. All wallets that hold more than $25 will get into a random number generator ready for a jackpot draw. This platform is fully automated for automatic payouts to winners, with the payouts and scores publicly viewable on Blockchain. The platform aims at giving away a one-million-dollar jackpot in 2022.


Cryptojackpot token is in a rush, resulting in a global trend in cryptocurrency. This is one of the quickest rising coins in the digital currency industry. Cryptojackpot is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. Also, the maximum supply is two billion, and its core utility is rewarding holders via multiple giveaways built into the Crypto Jackpot contract. Moreover, for each transaction, a 15% tax applied to compensate the holders with bigger jackpots and a constant liquidity pool.

That’s it! We hope you now understand all about Bitcoin video casino: crypto jackpot. In conclusion, bitcoin Video Casino is a fair gambling website providing the best traditional casino experience in the entire Bitcoin gambling industry. Together with Crypto Jackpot, these are some of the best online casinos that accept Bitcoin. The sites have one of the best Bitcoin casino bonuses, a range of fun, provably fair games and are secure and safe to use. Finally, always remember that online gambling should always be fun.

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