Best Bitcoin Dice Strategy

With crypto gaining popularity, you can easily earn by playing bitcoin games on various sites and reap the rewards. While it sounds unbelievable, developers design most modern games for entertainment and to earn an extra digital coin. Bitcoin dice games are one of the most popular new casino products offering a fun and easy way to stake cryptocurrency. This article provides a comprehensive guide on bitcoin and the appropriate best bitcoin dice strategy.

bitcoin dicing

What is Bitcoin Dice?

Bitcoin dice is a normal dicing game that allows you to gamble or stake with bitcoin instead of the other fiat or traditional currencies. The bitcoin dice game has simple rules: you must decide whether the coming number on the system is lower or higher than a given amount. You win the game and receive the possible winnings by guessing right.

Remember, the more unlikely your winning chances, the better the payout. While the different sites offer different bitcoin dice variations, choosing the best bitcoin dice strategy will increase your winning chances. In addition, the deceptive nature of the game calls for gambling wisely to keep more winnings.

How to Play Bitcoin Dice

You can find sites and online or mobile casinos that offer various crypto games. SatoshiBones,,, and online casinos offer free bitcoin dice games. Bitcoin dice is one of the most simple crypto games, with a 1% house edge and 99% of the stake going to the winner. Before gaming, you must understand the BTC dice odds and the crypto betting options.

Bitcoin dice odds

With bitcoin dicing being a game of chance, you can get an event’s difficulties using mathematics. After generating the values, you’ll assign a value to each event representing the odds. The odds will tell you how likely the system is to draw the number. Thus, if you choose the number, the system will multiply the stake to get the output winnings.

Betting options

Despite not giving you the option to play this game, most casinos or gaming sites incorporate this crypto game in their options. Thus, you can use your chances to win the game. The common bitcoin dice betting option includes:

  • Roll Lo – the roll number must be high than your preferred number
  • Roll HI -the roll number must be lower than your odds or chances.

Bitcoin Dicing | Playing the bitcoin dice game

While bitcoin dicing may sound easy, it’ll be good to choose the right bitcoin dice game strategy and understand the procedures to increase your winning chances. Below are the steps for playing this game:

  • Start by choosing a unique number between 1 and 100. When choosing the number, you’ll be predicting that the system’s roll will be below or above the particular number.
  • Place your state or bet amount on the specific number
  • Press the roll button and wait for the outcome. You’ll win the possible outcome if you get the prediction rights. Always remember that you have a lower chance of getting the right prediction if the potential payout is high.

Bitcoin Dice Game Strategy

Understanding the bitcoin dice game strategy is key to increasing your chances of winning and making the game fun. Bitcoin dice strategy exists in two distinct guides; to help you determine your bet amounts and how to bet. Factors like bankroll size and risk aversion determine your stake or bet amount. You can implement the following bitcoin dice system in your dice strategy.

Martingale betting system

Martingale betting system

This system is continually gaining popularity due to its simplicity. With the system being effective for odds close to 50/50, bitcoin dice games suit the Martingale system. Nevertheless, this bitcoin dice strategy will only work if you have an unlimited bankroll or the system assumes the presence of bet size limits.


The strategy works in variations or series of three bets. You can start with betting as a single unit, while the bet remains one upon losing but doubles when you win. You can have eight possible outcomes when implementing the Paroli bitcoin dice strategy. Two yields profits; one is a break-even, while five result in losses. Nevertheless, the system has a zero-sum, meaning you can’t lose or win in the long run.


This strategy combines Paroli and Martingale systems, making it simpler to implement. When using the system, start by getting your base betting unit and increase the bet by the base betting unit whenever you lose. While increasing the betting base unit, decrease your stake when you win.

More Bitcoin Games

Besides dicing games, we’ve got other bitcoin games with different features that suit your gaming or gambling needs. Below are the top bitcoin games you can consider:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Paroli dice strategy work? 🎲

Paroli is a dice-winning strategy that minimizes your losses and capitalizes on the winning streak. You can achieve the strategy by determining your stake and doubling your bet after winning. After a three-winning streak, you can stop raising the bet amount, while when you lose, you’ll only place the initial stake.

How can I play a Bitcoin dice casino? 🎲

Bitcoin dicing is one of the most straightforward games of chance. You can enjoy the game by placing a 1 to 100 bet. While placing the bet, you’ll be predicting whether the dice will roll under or over the chosen number.

How do I win a bitcoin dice game? 🎲

It’ll be good to learn the right dice-winning strategy to get the best results in your game. In addition, with the game being a chance, you require some luck to win. Despite having smaller winnings, choosing odds closer to odd 50 increases your chances of winning.

What are the top bitcoin dice game strategies? 🎲

With the most strategies and combinations available for your bitcoin dice game, you may find it challenging to choose the one. Nonetheless, Inverse Martingale, Martingale, Paroli, and D’Alembert are the best choices.

What Bitcoin dice games can I play? 🎲

While there are numerous Bitcoin dice games, choosing the best one is usually daunting. However, you can easily choose your preferred game by visiting your preferred site and choosing the games you’re comfortable with.


While bitcoin dice looks like a completely random game, you can apply some strategies to enjoy the game and reap huge rewards. Paroli, Martingale, and D’Alembert are the popular strategies when enjoying this crypto game. Research to choose the best Bitcoin dice strategy suiting your needs and guaranteeing you the best results.

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