What is Crypto Scalping Strategy?

Cryptocurrency scalping is a crypto strategy that helps scalpers take risks and make the most of frequent price fluctuations by observing price movements.

Scalping pays off quickly, but it requires very frequent trades, can be exhausting, and is not a strategy suitable for all investors.

Before getting ahead in this crypto scalping strategy, it is necessary to know how scalping with cryptocurrencies works, the advantages and disadvantages of using this strategy, if it is complicated and how much money you need to get started.

What is cryptocurrency scalping?

Cryptocurrency scalping is a fast trading strategy that relies on small price movements to make profits.

Instead of focusing on long-term positions and large profits, scalping traders rely on very short-term trades with which they make small profits from small price changes, over and over again.

Thanks to the high frequency of trades, these small profits can turn into substantial gains over time.


As cryptocurrencies are very volatile, there are many price movements on a daily basis. Traders use technical indicators to make very short-term trades and make quick profits. The time frame of these trades can be hours, minutes or even less.

Compared to day traders, who usually make a few tens to hundreds of trades per month, scalpers can make more than 100 trades during the same period.

Scalpers usually target cryptocurrencies with growing interest due to some significant news or event. These digital currencies usually have high volume and good liquidity for a period of time.

This is when scalpers can step in and generate profits from the increased volatility.

Advantages and disadvantages of scalping crypto

Scalping crypto can be an impressive trading strategy if used correctly. However, as many advantages as it has, it also comes with certain challenges:

Advantages of cryptocurrency scalping

  • You can start with a small deposit and multiply it in a single trading session.
  • The risks are low, as scalpers usually only use small positions.
  • It is easier than other trading strategies because smaller price movements occur more frequently than larger ones.
  • Although it may seem challenging at first, scalping becomes simple when practised because it is based on largely predictable market behaviour.

Disadvantages of cryptocurrency scalping

Let’s take a look at drawbacks of crypto scalping:

  • Limited by liquidity. Each scalper has its trading volume limit, above which scalping becomes position trading.
  • The “cost” of scalping is much higher than other types of trading. It can even turn into a loss due to the large number of trades and high commissions.

The profit from each trade is usually negligible, so to make a tangible profit, you need to have a large capital.

Types of Scalping Trading

There are several methods when scalping cryptocurrencies, you should know these methods to determine which one suits your needs as a trader:

Range trading

The high point of the range is known as the resistance level, and the low point is called the support level. Scalp traders can enter positions within these support and resistance levels for quick profits.

Bid-ask strategy

Scalp traders can also use the bid-ask spread to make profitable trades. The bid-ask spread is the difference between the bid and ask price of an asset in the market.

Sometimes the difference between these prices can be quite high, allowing speculators to make quick profits.

This strategy often employs the use of bots. Manual traders are not as reliable as machines when it comes to effectively identifying small price differences in the market.

Price action and margin trading

Some traders use technical indicators to predict possible price movements and execute scalping trades. If they are confident in their predictions, they can also use margin funds to increase their position size and maximize profits.

Margin trading involves using a third party’s funds instead of your own to increase potential profits. A risky strategy, as it is difficult to predict cryptocurrency price movements and borrow money for trading.

Why can a scalping trading strategy be useful?

Here are some reasons why some traders consider scalping as an attractive strategy:

  • Fast trade execution: scalping is based on making many trades in a short period of time. This means that traders need a fast and efficient trading platform that allows them to execute orders instantly.

  • Low market exposure: Since scalping trades are kept open for a short period of time, traders are exposed to the market for a shorter period of time compared to other trading strategies. This can help reduce the risk of adverse price movements over extended periods.
  • Lower risk per trade: Since the target profits in scalping are usually small, traders often risk a relatively low amount of capital on each individual trade. This can help limit losses in the event of an unsuccessful trade.
  • Taking advantage of intraday volatility: Scalping benefits from intraday volatility by capturing small price movements that can occur in either direction. This means that traders can have opportunities to profit even in markets that do not show a clear trend.
  • Adaptability to different market conditions: Due to its short-term nature, scalping can be used in a variety of market conditions, including trending markets, narrow ranges or periods of high volatility.

How to start using this strategy?

To start crypto scalping, follow these steps:

  • Learn the basics: Understand technical indicators, market volatility, and have a clear strategy.
  • Choose the right platform: Pick a secure and reliable trading platform with fast execution and analysis tools.
  • Practice with a demo: Use a demo account to hone your skills without risking real money.
  • Plan your entry and exit: Define clear strategies for entering and exiting trades, including using stop-loss and take-profit orders.
  • Stay calm: Control emotions during fast market movements by sticking to your plan.


Crypto scalping strategy offers a way to profit from small price changes in cryptocurrencies quickly. While it can be rewarding, it requires careful monitoring and disciplined trading. 

It’s not for everyone due to its fast pace and potential costs. Success lies in understanding the strategy, practicing, and sticking to a clear plan.


What is cryptocurrency scalping❓

Cryptocurrency scalping is a trading strategy where traders aim to profit from small price movements in cryptocurrencies over short periods.

What are some common crypto scalping strategies❓

Common scalping crypto strategies include range trading, bid-ask spread exploitation, and price action analysis with margin trading.

How does a scalping strategy crypto work❓

A crypto scalping strategy involves executing multiple trades to capitalize on small price fluctuations within a short timeframe, often minutes or hours.

Is crypto scalping suitable for all investors❓

No, crypto scalping requires fast decision-making, constant monitoring, and can involve higher trading costs, making it unsuitable for some investors.

What are the advantages of cryptocurrency scalping❓

Advantages include the potential for quick profits, lower risk per trade, and adaptability to different market conditions.

Are there any disadvantages to scalping crypto?

Yes, disadvantages include higher trading costs, limited liquidity, and the need for a fast and reliable trading platform.

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